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From websites and custom software to infrastructure and BI analysis, we got your needs covered!

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We got your needs covered

We offer a full range of services from developing websites, e-commerce and custom CRM software to dedicated IT solutions to automate and improve the performance of your internal processes, whether this means custom IoT app development, machine learning products or simply gathering data from your existing applications to provide KPIs offering you the ability to see how your decisions affect your business in real time.

Software Development

We have experience building a range of software products from cool presentation websites and user engagement Facebook applications to fully featured custom CRM systems, apps for IoT, online contracts, chatter bots that save time for both you and your customers and even control applications for radio stations, video encoding and much more.

Security first

A single event can make a business fail, we pride ourselves with always developing an application with security in mind.

We always aim to use long term supported versions of software required for your applications, saving both time and money when a new vulnerability appears while keeping you as protected as possible.

UX is King

No matter how cool an application looks, if your users cannot do what you intend them to do, your conversion will suffer.

With over 10 years of experience building products for both rapidly developing startups and well defined businesses + a crave for gathering and analysing data we will always have the right advice for you.

BI Analysis

Don't 'throw your net' at random. Find out exactly how your customers are using your product and see where you can improve your conversion.

We will help you find out your most important KPIs and offer the technical know-how required to gather that data, in this way we'll be able to improve exactly the processes that need improving for your success.

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